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Hardcase Nail File Protectors

Hardcase Nail File Protectors

Our Hard Case Nail File Protectors are not only beautiful, but protect your Glass Nail File from breakage. Cases come in two sizes to accommodate your file length. 

Dichroic or Elegance Files WILL NOT FIT in Hard Cases.

Price: Sm: $3.25 (Fits 3 1/2" File)   Med.  $3.55 (Fits 5 1/2" File) 

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Note: color may vary due to color adjustments on your computer.

Customer Product Review

Marlene McMurray commented on 27-Mar-2016 06:13 PM5 out of 5 stars
I love the hard case. I can be rough on things and this definitely protects the file, especially in my purse. Great customer service and fast delivery which deserves another star!

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